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At 11Bravo online marketing, we perform unparalleled, in-depth, specific research and thorough scrutiny of your competitor’s ads and keywords before we launch your PPC campaign.

Learning from others successes and failures allows us to optimize our client’s campaigns in order to generate tangible results within the shortest time possible.

Pay-Per-Click marketing is highly targeted and offers some of the best returns on investment across the industry. Such targeted methods help customers to keep their cost low while increasing conversion rates.

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Our Approach

We monitor the campaign closely and on a daily basis in order to make sure optimal results for your business are being achieved.

We measure performance and conversion through back end conversion tracking on your website to monitor any leads, calls or forms completions that were as a result of the PPC marketing campaign.

Like clockwork, our reporting involves sending our Pay-Per-Click management clients detailed monthly campaign reports to keep them abreast with activities deployed and subsequent comprehensive results.

At 11Bravo online marketing, we have one goal in mind, to make sure that your PPC campaign results in a better bottom-line for your business.

To achieve success we use the below set of practices:

Keyword Analysis

We conduct a thorough consultation with the site owner as well as carry out a custom analysis of your current site in a bid to find out the most relevant keywords and phrases to target. Geographical strategies, as well as long-tail keywords, are explored by a team of experts for maximum impact before being executed for optimal performance.

Account Management

Each PPC client is assigned a project manager who will work with you and be able to provide you periodic updates of a given campaign. Reporting becomes easier and clearer as this individual is hands on with your project and as such has the pulse of your campaign. He/she is able to provide you with an in-depth analysis of the ongoing process whenever called upon to do so.

Finance Management

Conversion Tracking Implementation

Back-end code will be set up on your ads and site(s) to track conversions, as well as phone calls coming through as a direct result of PPC ad.

Budget Management

The more settings there are, the more targeted the ad. As such, we are able to make sure that your money is not wasted and that only selected prospect groups are able to click on your ads ensuring the highest return on investment.

Landing Page Management

With your consent and rising need, we will design landing pages to use with our PPC campaigns just to make sure that traffic is optimized for the best possible conversion.

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Our dedicated and expert team has tons of experience in composing custom ad copy with information that is promotional and has intriguing wording to attract the highest rates of clicks and conversions.

We are extremely confident in our services and do not feel the need to unnecessary bind clients with long-term contracts on PPC management. We firmly believe that if you are happy with the results of our proven techniques then you will keep coming back for more.

Get in touch with our team today for a fruitful consultation on advertising your business on search engines and social media sites through Pay Per Click advertising.

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