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What is an organic or natural SEO?

Organic or natural search engine optimization is a method proven to increase the amount of quality traffic to a website.

With this strategy, companies are able to secure a dominant position on top the search results and generate leads that fall under the “ideal customer” criteria without poisoning the search engines.
11Bravo Online Marketing uses this strategy and has helped clients improve their online marketing campaigns through website visibility and traffic conversion. This can happen to you if you employ our services.


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A website’s design is important. It is a company’s face to the world. We create responsive websites that will engage your target customers. The websites we design and create are for optimal viewing across any type of device.

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Local SEO

We will give your online business a fresh look and beef it up with content that will capture the attention of your target audience and increase the quality of traffic into your website. We will do On-page and off-page optimization, SEO maintenance, and monthly progress monitor reporting to give owners a clear picture of where the company is in terms of its online presence.

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11 Bravo Online Marketing will help you create a pay-per-click campaign structure that mirrors the architecture of your website. Having a structure ensures optimum performance of the campaign without wasting money.

Everyone wants to be at the top of search engine results!

but only a few can make it!

95% of traffic to most websites comes from securing the first-page search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. Landing the top spot means getting the attention of your target audience. This will then translate to an increase in your sales revenue and eventually, a huge profit for your online business.

Some companies tried doing it on their own by figuring out how organic SEO ranking works. However, they still fail to secure the top spot and get the results they wanted.

This will no longer be just a dream. Why? Our team of experts can help you get the top position through high-quality SEO services without breaking your budget because we offer our services at a very reasonable price!

While we commend companies, who try to understand how the Internet and SEO ranking works, we believe that this should be handled by experts like 11Bravo Online Marketing. Our professional services can help you get to the No. 1 spot!

What do we offer?

Some SEO service providers will just hand over an action plan and checklist to your sales and marketing team for them to work on. 11Bravo Online Marketing is not like that. We will not just be another team in your department but we will work and act as business partners. We will work closely with your team for us to better understand your needs, recommend clear cut solutions and provide strategies that will yield optimal results.

How do we do it?

  • Through ethical link building practices.
  • Writing original content using long tail-keywords to render a more accurate targeting of chosen audience.
  • Doing proactive content sharing through various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and more.
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Not all companies have the same requirements. Some want to make their presence felt on social media while others prefer to reach out to their audience through their website. We can customize our SEO package depending on your needs and budget. Take that first step and book a free consultation with our experts today!
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